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What is Trouble in Terrorist Town?

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is a gamemode included with Garry's Mod. The game is about a group of "terrorists" who have traitors among them, out to kill everyone who's not a traitor.

A small number of players is selected as Traitors, who have to kill all the Innocent players (ie. the rest of the players). Those innocents know they are in the majority, but they do not know who is Traitor and who is not.
The Traitors must use the element of surprise and their special equipment, if they are to succeed. The Innocent just have to survive, which means finding out who the Traitors are and killing them before they kill you. Of course everyone is holding a big gun, and everyone looks suspicious...
For the Innocent, knowledge is power: who is acting strangely? Who can be linked to evidence found on corpses? Who is still alive, even?




Trouble in Terrorist Town

Commands: !menu (for mapechange,PM or for Admin's), !report (to report a Player), !help 
1. Role Objectives
Innocents: Stay alive and do your best to assist detectives in identifying traitors and killing them.
Detectives: Identify and kill all the traitors before the timer runs out or protect at least one innocent until the timer runs out.
Traitors: Kill all the innocents and optionally the detectives.

2. Game Results
Innocents Win: When all the traitors are dead or when at least one innocent is alive at the end of the round.
Traitors Win: When all the innocents are dead.

3. General Rules (Punishment - Admin discretion)
No claiming rooms or areas.
No glitching or hacking of any kind.
No prop surfing, at all. (This includes surfing to unreachable areas of the map that are not part of the map design, whether it be via prop surfing, wall surfing, or prop launching. Doing this will result in punishment from an Admin.)
No ghosting.
No HLDJ (blocked by plugin)
No spamming of any kind (includes use "E" on doors).
Spawn AFKs can be killed after 2 mins of round start. (3:00)
Anyone can taze anyone without asking for permission.
Committing a Traitor Act makes you a traitor.

4. Ghosting (Punishment - Admin discretion)
Giving out any information about the game to other players while you have access to explicit information using any method of communication.

5. Innocents/Detectives Rules (Punishment - Admin discretion)
May not random-death-match (RDM) (defined below)
May not cause damage or kill innocents or detectives unless acting in self defense (includes using map objects).
May not present a player as a traitor without a valid reason.
May not traitor bait (defined below).
May not kill a player for disobeying orders.
Allowed to damage or kill to comply with a valid KOS order.

6. Traitors Rules (Punishment - Admin discretion)
May not kill or damage other Traitors unless acting in self defense (includes using map objects).

7. Random Death Match (RDM) (Punishment - Admin discretion)
(RDM) When an innocent or a detective damages or kills another player for:
An illogical reason.
No reason.
Assumptions based on how a player moves and talks.
Throwing grenades away from other players.
Disobeying an order.
Pointing a gun at someone.
Killing someone without directly seeing them commit an action. (example - Player hears another player get killed with an AK-47 in the room next to him, Player then continues to shoot the next player he sees with an AK-47. This is a Suspicious act, not a reason to kill someone. Player did not visually see the crime.)
(Not RDM) Killing a player that is committing a Traitor Act.

8. Traitor Acts
Shooting around or towards other players, unless for self defense.
Throwing frag or fire grenades around or towards other players, unless for self defense.
Declaring KOS order on an innocent.
Planting bombs (C4) or detonating the jihad vest.
Actively blocking players with objects and explosive items.
Actively preventing a player from entering or exiting an area by blocking the entryway.
Actively tailing other players with explosive items.
Hiding or moving traitor equipment (C4).
Hiding bodies.
Hiding a health station or disposing of one.
Actively moving a health station away from people.
Blatantly ignoring or leaving bodies unidentified.
Possessing a silenced weapon with or without the silencer attached. (USP-S or M4A1-S)
Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self defense

9. Traitor Baiting (Punishment - Admin discretion)
Making it look like you are a Traitor when you're actually an Innocent.

10. Suspicious Acts (General scenarios. Do not interpret as law.)
Any traitor-like act that is not listed under Traitor Acts is a Suspicious Act.
Throwing smoke, flash, or decoy grenades around or towards other players.
Accusing players of being traitors for illogical reasons.
Moving bodies.
Intentionally deviating attention from a traitor.
Giving false information about a player.

11. Equipment Rules
DNA Scanner - Scanning an Innocent's body doesn't necessarily prove someone is a Traitor (RDMs and mistake kills will still show a killers name), you must scan at least 2 bodies with the same killer to call KOS, this includes scanning Detective bodies.
Decoy Teleporter - Do not use the grenade to teleport into unreachable areas.

If the rules are not followed:
1. 1-3x slay
2. kick 
3. ban for 1 day/week or longer